Want to Invest in Growing Your Business?

Need to replace high-cost debt with a more affordable solution?  Want to get paid faster on outstanding invoices?

AuraRise can help you get the financing you need

Affordable loans, lines of credit and supplier finance solutions

Fast, transparent application process

Dedicated experts with deep industry experience

Repay your loans 10x faster with no pre-payment fees

We only work with the best and most business-friendly lenders

AuraRise has spent careful diligence on its lending partners and picked the best ones based on their rates and terms, customer service, transparency and speed. We have also interviewed businesses that have gotten loans from those lenders to make sure they were happy with the service.

We don’t only provide financing

We don’t just provide financing but we also provide holistic solutions including tools to help you increase cash flows organically so you can repay your loans 10x faster with no pre-payment fees. We help businesses like yours obtain their financial freedom and rise higher than they ever could.

Affordable rates & terms

AuraRise and its lending partners provide you with the most affordable rates and terms in the industry. Every business is different and unique, and we work with our clients to ensure our financial solutions fits their business and what they’re trying to achieve, both in the short and medium-long run.

Speed and efficiency

AuraRise and its lending partners can make a decision on your application within hours and fund the loan within 24-48 hours. Unlike traditional banks and the SBA, we take pride in providing our clients with immediate feedback and turn-around, so they’re not left in the dark.

Complete transparency

There are no hidden fees nor surprises. You’ll know exactly what the terms are, the interest rate, and the dollar amount you’ll have to pay during each period. We’ll walk you through the math and explain where the numbers come from. We spend all the time it takes to make sure you understand what is in the loan application, what the the pros and cons are, and what you should be aware of.

World-class customer support

AuraRise and its partners provide world-class customer support. You’ll have a dedicated team consisting of a client success manager and a funding advisor, by your side to help you achieve your goals.

A dedicated team

It’s best to apply for a line of credit when you least need it — that’s when you get the best rates and terms. Unforeseen things happen, and it’s those businesses that have prepared in advance that will be able to weather through those challenges and ultimately win. Having AuraRise as your funding advisor on your side (completely free) will help you anticipate and be prepared wih that. We will think through problems with you and provide creative ideas and solutions along the way.

Holistic approach to credit decisions

Credit decisions are not just based on your FICO score. AuraRise and its lending partners take a wholesome view and approach on your business and your situation when making a credit decision. We will walk you through exactly how we arrived at a decision and will explain how you can influence it, too. If you’ve been declined, then we will work with you to turn that “no” into a “yes”.

AuraRise provides options

AuraRise provides its clients with options so they don’t feel like there are no alternatives. There might be alternatives to getting a loan or line of credit, such as increasing cash flows organically with the tools that AuraRise provides. Talk to us and we’ll show you how.

It’s extremely easy to apply

We’ve designed the application process to be quick and seamless. Here’s how we compare to other lenders:

Merchant Cash Advance

 Bank Loans

AuraRise & its lending partners

Application Time10-20 minutesHours< 10 minutes
Approval TimeVariesWeeks –  months24 – 48 hours
Point of ContactMultiple people“Press 3 for sales” / anonymousDedicated funding advisor & client success manager
Ease of ApprovalToo easyLong and frustratingEasy & we will work with you
TransparencyTerms burrowed in the fine-printLengthy documents & paperworkClear, transparent & precise

Fast, friendly & affordable terms from AuraRise and its lending partners

We only work with lending partners that are fast but also business friendly.

Merchant Cash Advance & factoring


AuraRise & its lending partners

SizeLess than $100KRather focus on larger loans of $500K+$25K-$500K
Term LengthLess than 6 monthsLess 7 yearsUp to 4 years
Annual Interest RateAstronomically highLow rates but collateral required, and if your business qualifiesStarting as low as 4.99% annually. Fixed, monthly payments
FeesCase by case basis /  not predictableCase by caseTransparent & fixed fee
Prepayment penaltiesSometimesSometimesNever
Takes a cut of your salesYes, every dayNoNever

Get a Decision at No Cost or Obligation

Applying is Quick and Easy

Have an introductory call with a funding advisor (10 minutes)

Fill out an online application (5 minutes)

Get a decision (within hours)

Get funded (within 24 – 48 hours)*

Repay your loans 10x faster

Our customer success team will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions and help you determine which financing solution best meets your needs. Contact us today.

or call us at 646-502-5534.

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* AuraRise makes financing available to businesses through AuraRise’s lending partners. Rates may vary according to term and overall creditworthiness.